fancy doing a design? perfect yes you can
you can design anything to go on t-shirts or jumpers or zines or stickers or anything really the skys the limit
it doesn't have to be llama related but llamas are cool
you get a couple of quid comission for every t-shirt or jumper sold with your design you lucky soul
you don't even have to be a good drawer in fact the worse the better that's what i say
i love the environment and so should you - it's where we live.
what's it all about then huh
got a great design idea? want more t-shirt colours? want something other than t-shirts?

tell me and i might even make it
the internet is a big place and you found me well done.
what size should i order
any size you want.

check the earth positive website for sizing deets i can't be bothered to explain.
do you do gift wrapping
i have some wrapping paper somewhere i don't see why not. you have to let me know in the paypal special request bit though because i am not a mind reader.
how long will my order take to make
shirts generally take up to a week to make and are then packaged up nicely and sent via royal mail. for shipping times see shipping times. that's next.
how long will my order take to ship
shirts ship all over this tiny planet, shipping times vary.
uk - sent first class which is the best class you can get. takes 1-2 business days.
europe - sent international standard which is also very good and will take 3-5 business days.
rest of the world - sent international standard which is isn’t bad either and will take 5-7 business days.
if you're unsure of which shipping zone you're in, check out the royal mail website.
until we learn to live on mars we have to our bit to look after the planet we've got and that's why i'm doing my bit to make alarm-a-llama as eco-friendly as possible
*printed onto earth positive t-shirts
our shirts have all this  good stuff going for them
hand-printed t-shirts for all your obscure quote, 90's pop culture references, stupid drawings, and of course, llama needs.

they're eco-friendly too so you're doing the planet a favour you good samaritan, you